How to Clean your Doberman's Ears

Though this is not a Doberman in here, it is a good video on cleaning your Doberman’s ears. Keeping them clean and healthy is not difficult, but they should be checked once a week to make sure that they are clean, healthy looking and smelling.

Checking weekly, you will very quickly learn the scent of a clean healthy ear vs a dirty ear or an ear that is infected and needs to be seen by your vet. Keeping them clean is not difficult, as you’ll see here, but do be careful not to be rough as you clean. Besides being uncomfortable, you can damage the skin and cause problems.

Be sure to dry and check you Doberman’s ears if she has been out in the rain or swimming.

If cleaning your dogs ear is painful, if there is a foul odor, redness or swelling present or if there is an unusual amount or type of discharge, see your vet. If you do have an ear that you are treating (or one you suspect needs treatment), never go from the infected ear to the other ear or to the ears on other animals. Make sure that that ear is the last one you work with and ALWAYS wash your hands before and after treating that ear. (And don’t be surprised if you see behavior or attitude issues clear up as the eat gets better)

Make sure you do not get water into the ears when bathing by putting cotton balls into the ears and after bathing, take the cotton balls out and use an ear cleaner to clean the ears. Any ear cleaner left in the ears after cleaning will evaporate drying any possible water out.

 There. See how easy it is to take care of your dobes ears? Cotton balls or makeup pads and ear wash are all you need.

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