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Our next litter is planned for early next year. Dam will be Emmy, sire will be announced soon.

Usually, the litters are pretty much reserved before they are born, so better to be approved and then if you should find another puppy in the mean time, just let me know, than wait to be approved but there be no puppies left. Being approved does not obligate you to purchasing a puppy and a deposit is not required until the pups are born and we know your preference for sex and color are available, however it does reserve your place in line to be matched to your specific puppy. First approved is matched first, 2nd approved gets matched 2nd etc. Puppy matching takes place at 8 weeks of age, which is when the litter is "graded" or ranked.

 Special Preference given to Show, Working/Protection, Service/ Assistance, & Performance homes  

Each pup will be matched to its specific family @ the 8 weeks.  You will be able to visit the pups between 6 & 10 weeks.  

ll pups must be paid in full prior to ear cropping at 7 weeks (paid in full by 6 weeks old).  We do not ship puppies any more due to the new Federal Law that requires clients to visit and pick up their new puppies.  The only exception is dogs that will be used for showing and breeding.

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