This page is dedicated to your thoughts and love for your new family members! 

 Tammy, THANKYOU for all your past present and future help! Providence's Liberty Bell has been the highlight of my life since I have brought her home. The support and guidance you have provided have been Outstanding. The weekly updates and pictures while I was on deployment were awesome and from a business standpoint I can think of no one else I would rather buy a Dobe from!!They really are the best of the best. Thanks again for everything and I am looking forward to seeing Bella Mia in the show ring!


 Tammy,  Kelly and I just want to say thank you for our new family member. When the dogs were back at home with just the two of them it went great! She followed him and us around the house. Dozer is really happy and has been so gentle with her. He is smiling from ear to ear when he's around her and she is playing with us all.  We showed her how to get to the back porch and pee peed outside. She is giving us all kisses and now sleeping in Kelly's lap. This is the best situation we could have hoped for. Even the ride home was perfect. Not one cry all night! No accidents in her cage either. It's been 12 hours and she's gone to the bathroom four times all outside. She's a little diva and she knows it. Her and dozer just love each other.  This is perfect! Kelly gets to stay home today with her and I'm jealous. :)  Kelly brought the puppy by my work during break cause we stand outback and it was close to the vet. Duchess was checked out and in good health so the first task is completed. Anyway when she brought her to the back where all the girls stand she remembered me and ran up to me then followed me to the small crowd of my co-workers. They thought she was the most cutest lil puppy. She was going up to everyone and giving kisses. It was great...... Until my break.........was over :( cause she had to leave. Kelly has been texting me all day with the puppy playing with Dozer. I just want today to be overwith already.  Thank you so much! 

                                                             -~ Josh, Kelly, Dozer and Duchess~

 Hey Tammy,

Chaos is doing really well! He loves his puppy training class. He loves playing with the other dogs..he is very social with dogs and people! He loves running around outside in the backyard with me or Bill. He is doing great with the kids. He has only pounced on our toddler a couple of times ..but is learning he can't do that!! lol! He does awesome at night in the kennel. He gets up with Bill at 4:30AM and then goes back to bed until me and the kids get up (usually around 9AM). He is sitting on command and is learning "leave it" and "lay". Also when we walk with him on a leash..we'll tap our left foot down when we stop and he'll automatically sit.
I'll try and get some new pictures of him taken. I have some from a few weeks ago but he already way bigger than that now! Every week we go into puppy class everyone is amazed at how big he is and how much in one week he has grown!!
The Clark Family

 Hi Tammy,

Candy is doing great we are enjoying every minute except maybe the  2
am potty run. She is progressing  with the crate training she cried about 15
minutes the first night now she just goes in and is ok. The Vet went fine... she
learned to sit.... And starts puppy classes next saturday. She is a really good
girl and averaging only one accident a day in the house so far because we take
her out every hour or so during the day.  . Nicolette picked a cute outfit for Halloween.. we will send you photos. Thank you for everything once again. 

 David and the Love Family


We have only had two accidents in the house so far and both of those were due to us figuring out that if he gets distracted while while going pee he wont completely empty his bladder. So now we give him a few more minutes each time to make sure. He is surely a mommy's boy and follows me around everywhere which is of course pretty adorable.

Will let you know about his training - I think it will be beneficial to both of us to make sure we are doing all the right stuff.
Part 2:
Jasper is doing great! He is teething like crazy and getting bigger everyday. It
is hard to take pictures of him since he is always moving!
The Wood Family

 In response to my question about how everyone and Falcon was doing:

They all are having a blast!! We are getting used to our new routine with Falcon. I really enjoy being with him all day, he is so mellow. Then when the kids get home from school they all run and play ball, Falcon "lives" for the kids he really enjoys them....Falcon is the perfect pet, we love him. I loved all the material you sent home with Falcon, thank you, I made my son read it so he understands how important it is to teach Falcon positive reinforcement for obedience. I have Falcon and my 9 year old, Callahan signed up for obedience school starting in a week. I had my friend check out Falcon and he is a very healthy happy dog.  I will send you more pictures. We've been so busy I haven't taken any lately. I hope all is well with you. Have a great night!

Pam Corrie

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