Our Americana Litter!

Sire of the litter was our own: Trinity's Twilight Illusion

Dam of the litter was our own: Providence's Devil Wears Prada 

Pups born June 24, 2012

9 puppies: 7 boys (6 blacks, 1 red) 2 girls (1 black and 1 red)

#1: Providence's Bill of Rights.

We called him JR, but his new name is Gunner.  He resides with his family in Melbourne, FL. 

#2:  Providence's Blaze of Glory. 

We called him Blaze, but his new name is Dude.  He lives with his family in Fort Myers, FL. 

#3: Providence's Boston Tea Party

We called him Lil 'D, but his new name is Boston.  He lives with his new daddy in Tampa, FL. 

#4: Providence's Independence Day

This is Indy! He now lives in Lake Worth, FL with his new mommy and daddy!

 #5: Providence's Home on the Range

This is Bison.  He is co-owned by Providence Dobermans and currently resides with his new mom and dad in Rockledge, FL.  See his picture in our male section.

#6: Providence's Let Freedom Ring

This is Sly.  He lives with his new daddies in St. Pete, FL

Providence's Miss Indepence

This is Raja.  She is loved by her new mommies, a new brother, and a few kitties 

#8: Providence's Liberty Bell

This is Mia.  Mia is loved and owned by her new daddy, and lives in Jacksonville, FL.  She is co-owned by Providence Dobermans. 

#9:  Providence's Justice for All

This is Copper.  He lives with his new mommy and daddy in Jacksonville, FL. HE is also getting ready to travel abroad to Japan where his daddy will be stationed in the Navy.

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