Int'l/Nat'l/HnrCH-B/U-CH CH Providence's Home on the Range CGC, SD

Bison is our pick male from our Eddie/Prada litter 2012.  He has the look we wanted, with the personality of his Grandma (Molly).

He is a very sweet boy, with a drive to please.


Date of Birth: June 24, 2012

Call Name: Bison

Coat: Black and Rust

Color: Black #1, only black offspring

Height: 27 in at withers

27 square!!

Weight: 70lbs


vWD: Carrier, Vetnostic October 2014

Dings: Carrier

Cardio: Normal, September 2018

Eyes: Normal, October 2016

Liver: Normal, September 2018

Hips:  OFA Good, September 2015

Thyroid: Normal, September 2018

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