Temperature inside can reach in excess of 120 degrees within 10 minutes - even with windows cracked 

Try not to exercise pets midday.

Walk your dog in early morning or after sunset.  They can easily get heat stroke. 


Pets can also burn pads of their feet on hot pavement - causing blisters and sores.

If you find you have to take your dog out in the heat, place your hand on the pavement to see if it is hot.  If it is, walk in the grassy edge of the road or use a sidewalk.

Sometimes it is even necessary to carry a small dog across a long hot parking lot.


Always carry a water source ofr your dog as well as yourself.


Hot sand on a sunny day at the beach can cause burns on feet.


Drinking salt water can cause vomiting and diarrhea as well as more serious problems.


White and short hair dogs are susceptible to sunburn.

A waterproof sunscreen of spf30 is good for ears, nose, and top of head... use caution around the eyes.


Dogs with short faces ie: Boston Terriers, Bull dogs, Pugs, etc. are very suseptible to heat stoke.


Keep pets indoors during hottest part of the day if possible.  If they must be outside - provide fresh water and constant shade.

Signs of Heat Stroke to watch for:

  • Rapid panting
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sudden Fatigue
  • later on your pet will go into a coma 


 Immediate action to be taken:

  • Lower the body temperature by immersing in cold water
  • Take straight to your veterinarian


Lowering the body temperature is important but not enough.  Your vet will be able to treat your pet for shock-like conditions in order to prevent brain damage and other life-threatening side effects of heat stroke.


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